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CSS on YouTube

One of the woodworkers I follow, David Patucutio of Make Something assembled a CSS MTM kit. Did a great job too! Congrats CSS!



  • We were pretty pumped about this one. Woodworkers make some beautiful stuff, but there only seem to be so many items they build and only for a select few do loudspeakers make it on to the list. Hoping David's video can open the DIY speaker doors for some gifted woodworkers who otherwise wouldn't have thought of it as an option.

  • I learned quite a bit from David and others. Great guy too!

  • I saw his thumbnail and was like - hey those are CSS speakers! Immediate thumbs up - I enjoy David's "this is what i'm doing and if you don't like it too bad" videos.

  • Cheapaudioman also just did a review of the 1TD kit and loved them.

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