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Third summer project

Just a quick placeholder for this project, which will be going with my kid when she moves out in September/October time frame.

Will use the cast frame HiVi 8" M series for the woofer, the cast frame HiVi 5" M series as a midrange, and a Wavecor tweeter.

Probably go with a smallish, sealed alignment. Not just because the HiVi are notorious for measuring wonky, but also because a high output 8" speaker with 25Hz bass is just not necessary in an apartment. My kid is pretty quiet, her and her boyfriend will likely just watch anime and other nerdy shit. I'll provide them with an inexpensive receiver to power them; they plan to purchase a new smart tv and I will just use the optical out on said TV.

Anyways, drivers are all here - just gotta scrounge some material and make some cuts.

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  • Alternatively, I may gift her a smaller pair (perhaps the ones I am currently working on) and repurpose some old Realistic T-110 towers I have been hoarding for several years.

    They had an 8" woofer, 10" PR, and a cone tweeter. Internal volume is something like 2 cubic feet. I would add some bracing, cut a new baffle.

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  • I use the Hivi steel frame 8m in my peanuts build, it was sealed and the bass was actually really good.

  • I've heard from several people that the bass is excellent out of them - I'm looking forward to it.

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  • I really liked the dynamic sounding bass from the MAX build.

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