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  • Ah, damn. I'm fairly speechless.

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  • I got his Radio Shack book back when I was about 12 and built my first speaker with RS drivers. I even used his charts in that book for winding my own inductors back when I started building my own car audio crossovers (text book of course).

  • Sometime in the very early 90's I bought his "Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual" in an attempt to better understand designing speakers. I even spent the time on the ol' PC with the Basic program included. It took several hours to enter all of the code, but it was pretty eye opening seeing how worked. Before that, I had a Radio Shack produced book, possibly the same one you bought Craig, that included the math for calculating bass response. I spent a lot of time charting things out with graph and scratch paper.

    My copy of "Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual" has been on loan to a friend for several years now, I really need to get it back.

    Anyways, a couple of Weems' books are in my collection:

    And I believe this is the book I originally bought, but I believe there was another by Alden (which has been revised to use Dayton Audio drivers at some point). The Alden book, I believe, was less focused on the math behind the scenes - but I may be mistaken. It has been 30 years!

    RIP Mr. Weems. He made it to almost 100 years old and was a significant influence on our little community. He wrote in an accessible fashion that made sense to us, and I very often go back and re-read his stuff to try and get a feel for what it was like when I was a younger man, still fascinated by speaker design.

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  • The "Building Speaker Systems" book is a replacement, I wore out my original copy.

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  • OK, figured it out - the Alden book I was remembering was called Advanced Speaker Systems. I currently lack a copy of that one, but that is soon to be remedied.

    When I do my next DakotaDIY I would love to share my RS collection with anyone who would like to see it.

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  • Yes, I had the red book in your first picture.

  • RShacks raw drivers definitely started a lot of us on our speaker building journey. I love your collection JR.

  • I had one of his books, I think it was a gray color cover version of Designing, Building & Testing... Definitely influenced my future in speaker design and building - He took what at the time seemed like a black art to me and broke it down into the nuts and bolts that I could understand.
    RIP David Weems

  • I had the later 2 editions, the purple 'Advanced Speaker Systems', and the 'Building Speaker systems.'

  • I always thought the rat shack tweeter shown on the cover (Building Speaker Systems) was interesting.

    Does anyone happen to have a freq response on / off axis they could post? Slot loaded tweeters I see available now are generally flat vs. convex.

  • I actually have a set of those, but they are blown. I attempted a dome/VC swap, but it didn't take very well.

  • I too had the red book, and started with RS drivers, because that is what was readily available back then.

  • I also started with the red book, there is so much good info there. I apparently discarded it some years ago, boy was that a mistake. I wish I still had it...

    RIP Mr. Weems

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