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8 Inch Woofer

I'm working on a design for a high end 3 way loudspeaker. I can't find a woofer with the specification I want. This will be an active/Passive crossover design. The woofer will have its own amplifier and I want to use a Class D board that I can enclose inside the speaker so I need an 4 Ohm woofer since most Class D amps output more power at 4 Ohms. I'm planning on a mass loaded transmission line for the woofer alignment. I would consider a 10 inch woofer but this usually requires a larger enclosure. I say usually because some 10 inch subwoofers will work in relatively small enclosure. I need a driver that is half woofer/half Subwoofer. I will use a 250Hz crossover frequency.

The Specs I'm looking for
• 4 Ohm (will work better with Class D amplification)
• 1-1/2 inch or larger voice coil.
• Die Cast frame with venting under the spider.
• Motor with distortion reduction devices, Shorting Ring(s)
• 6.5mm X-max or greater
• Qms >= 5; Fiberglass or Titanium Voice coil former
• Qts = 0.35 to 0.40
• Fs <=31 Hz
• Aluminum, Carbon fiber, Textreme or Carbon fiber reinforced paper Cone

Maybe there is something available but I haven't found it yet. I have even considered modifying an existing woofer but would like to avoid that. My whole design just falls apart without a woofer with these specs.



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