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ARTA 1.9.4

edited June 2021 in Hard Data

ARTA 1.9.4 is released today.

Changes from version 1.9.3 are:

  • ARTA Step response is now obtained by cumulative integrating IR after the cursor position (if cursor position < IR maximum positiom)
  • FR overlays can be exported in textual files
  • Sine burst duration can be generated in multiple of half sine periods.
  • Corrected bug in File->Export in CSV in FR1 window
  • Microphone calibration can be enabled even if input signal level is bellow -60dB.
  • STI module is implemented according to new standard IEC 60268-16:2020 Ed.5
  • STI module can import predefined noise SPL from textual files
  • Multione signals can be user defined with tone density from 3 to 12 tones per octave.
  • User defined filter can be applied to multitone signal (IEC 660268-16 and CTA-1034A)
  • Spectrum overlay level shift when using FR compensation resolved.
  • Generation of square and triangle signals in wav file improved
  • ARTA can have arbitrary number of fixed overlays in FR1, FR2, Spa real-time modes
  • Fixed overlay can be generated in Octave smooting and Octave bands modes.
  • STEPS allows FR compensation to be applied to loaded FR data
  • STEPS scalling dialog improved
  • STEPS Linearity module accept all sampling frequencies, not only 48kHz
  • STEPS saves which distortion to plot and current plots margins in Registry
  • LIMP saves graph margins in Registry
  • LIMP gets Overlay menu item for making target impedance curve calculated from measured loudspeaker parameters

Download here

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