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Happy 4th of July weekend everyone

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! I hope everyone gets to enjoy good weather and great BBQ'd or smoked food. We Americans live in the greatest country on earth. My family and I are going to do a lot of pool time, some landscaping projects, smoking a couple racks of ribs, watch the fireworks display downtown, work on a couple speaker projects, and maybe go to a friend's farm and do some shooting (guns).



  • Just finished first week of new job, no waiting period on paid holidays so Mr. and Mrs. JR are gonna do it up.

    No, not true. We are moving little Miss JR's boyfriend/fiance to town tomorrow. He will stay here with us this coming week, and they are moving into their new place next weekend!

    I am legitimately happy for them!

    I have a signature.
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  • I'll be inside where it's cool nursing a rolled ankle from last week. Took the brace off last night for a bit and this is where it's at as of last night. I don't recommend doing this if anyone was wanting to give it a try lol.
    Happy 4th everyone , be safe and stay cool

  • Ouch. Get better!

  • Spent most of yesterday and up to now digging dirt and placing over 3000 pounds of river rock around our new pool. Whew, my back and hands are worn out. Time to jump in the pool 😃

  • Take care Nick. Hopes for a speedy recovery.

  • Have a happy 4th!

  • Best of wishes to everyone! Stay safe, I love my job but don't feel like ending my 72 wrapping up nubs. 😊

    All you injured guys heal up!

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