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Doing simple upgrades to my new car.

I have a new 2022 Outback. The speakers are harsh. I asked about upgrading in a sound quality forum on FB. Was told that I needed a DSP before I did anything. Now I am sure this would make a big difference but I dont want to get that involved right now. So I did my own thing. I measured the car and did a distortion sweep. High (2 to 3%) distortion at 2 to 4khz. The single cap was not bringing the level down enough on the tweeter. I pulled the tweeters in the dash, a $1 1/2" mylar special, and replaced them with a Vifa BC25 I had on hand. Much better sound. I used a 2nd order crossover with a resister to bring the level down. I still think that there is something not right about the system. But measuring in a car is not easy!



  • I agree about measuring in a car! I don't know what the install shops do. I've never heard a "fidelity first" custom install, but I've never really gone looking for one. Heard quite a few boomy, rattling, screeching piles of garbage! I ended up using near-field measurements and just guessed at the distances for offset. It sounds decent for what it is.

  • Do you have the Harmon Kardon system?

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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    I just put the mic on top of the headrest for initial measurements. I'll also look at the RTA while sitting in the car, holding the mic at various locations around my ears/head. None of this will obviously help without a way to adjust things. Currently I'm using a miniDSP.

  • @jhollander said:
    Do you have the Harmon Kardon system?

    Nope, just the basic 6 speaker system.

  • Maybe you can compare the HK system to stock and add speakers

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email

    Lots of different parts and pricey speakers. I also saw a link to a rear sub woofer

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • @jhollander said:
    Do you have the Harmon Kardon system?

    I do in my 2015!

  • Update. I replaced the front door woofers with Silver Flutes 6.5" 2nd order xo with a notch at the breakup.


  • Nice! That'll get some bass upfront.

  • I've been very surprised how that SF works so well in a leaky car door. It has enough low end that I need to figure out where my door panel is now buzzing.

  • So true, door panel, door skin, handle, linkages, latch assy, blah blah blah... Most of which becomes unnoticed at cruising speed with 2112 cranked up.🤘🏼

  • Had the JBL system in a 96' Ford Taurs SHO. Way better than stock but still not up to aftermarket standards. The local stealer ruined the system when a loose plug led them to replace one of the jbl drivers with an oem driver. One squawky driver trashed the sound of the whole system, which was voiced much better than average. Their answer to my "you replaced my jbl driver with a cheap oem now you are going to fix it right" was for me to contact their warranty department and I could buy it back at full price. Had a lot of trouble out of that car and dealer. For what it's worth, it was the only Taurus with a tiny high revving v-8 stuffed under the hood.

  • In car measurements are usually done with the mic located on the drivers headrest approximating the location of the ears. Time alignment is done by physical distance to this placement.

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