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Open baffle ideas?

Just bought 4- 12 inch MCM woofers 55-2973.
Now the fun begins. What would you do with them?
Ideas I'm thinking about:
Slot loaded open baffle.
MTM open baffle like a pure audio project.
TMWW with a mid that could cross high enough to a plainer tweeter.

I would love to hear your ideas and would really appreciate some references on how to design open baffle speakers.
I plan on using a DSP 2*4HD as the heart of the system.
Thanks for the help and inspiration.


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    My previous speakers were a bi-amped open back, usings Beyma 12s, crossed via minDSP to mid/tw section that I made to change out / play around with (i.e. AudioNirvana full range, Celestion coaxials with passive Xovers, etc).

    I took them to Iowa 2018, so a couple of pics of completed speakers ~ pg 4 under Event Archive. And I’ve attached a couple of the build as well. Also posted in forum discussions 'Open Back spkr project' and 'New Open Back top-end project'

    Have fun.

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    I say face to face slot ripole if you're going open baffle.

  • The thought of stacking the 2 12's to make a super slender ripole could be cool as well.
    Tajanes, is the woofer baffle tilted inward for any reason? Looks like it kept your speaker from getting too deep. I like it.

  • @ugly_woofer said:
    I say face to face slot ripole if you're going open baffle.

    Wouldn't he need 4 more?

  • If you're going to cross an OB mid to a planar tweeter it's gonna need to be fairly small diameter and on as narrow a baffle as possible to keep the first dipole null high enough.

    A super slender ripole sounds like a good plan.

  • Ripole. Any OB will need DSP and big power. Didn't check your specs, but lots of xmax is good.

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    Slot loaded OB seems interesting and not too difficult to build. I've never tried one so I have no idea how it might sound. It seems it would be possible to end up sounding like someone talking thru cupped hands... I would suggest a quick and dirty prototype with a couple of board and clamps, or possible even a sheet of cardboard if you go that route.

    An MTM or TMM in a basic 16 to 18" wide plywood sheet is fairly well tried and proven.

    I generally start with a prototype OB and listen for a while before I commit valuable wood to the project. Hopefully you have some large inductors, like 5 to 10 microfarad, they are generally needed for an OB in my experience.

  • Thinking behind tilting V woofer set-up: ctr to ctr distance a bit closer (output combining), overall compact height, and does provide a little offset / cancellation of woofer vibration.

  • Best software/resources for open baffle design?

  • Your ears

  • Slot and ripole have chamber resonances to deal with so a 3-way is mandatory. If you are doing a flat baffle then ABC dipole. Slot, W, N, and ripole then use a combination of Horn Response and Edge.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I have the 4 12's in the basement playing metal to break them in.
    Still thinking about the tweeter and mid. I will probably pick by efficiency. I have lots of 3-4inch full range speakers then my selection jumps to 6 1/2. I worry the smaller drivers won't be efficient and the larger drivers won't get high enough to match the tweeter.
    I kinda like the pure audio project in that it can swap components easily. I might go that route to prevent analysis paralysis.

  • If you post what you want to do we can run a few sims.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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