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While shopping for a new midrange option...

...I think I have ny next 2-way already designed for me:

I bet these three things have not been frequently bought together.

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  • Also, that driver looks like a killer PA column option.

    I have a signature.
  • You would need a resistor at least to make the Piezo tweeter look even remotely like a loudspeaker load for that stock crossover.

  • 40 Ohms?

  • There are a couple different rules or schools of thought when it comes to Piezo tweeters. Darren Kuzma who used to work for Parts Express at one point said to use a 20 ohm resistor in series. Basically that's to preclude burnout. A lot of other people to get them to work with crossovers more like a regular impedance Tweeter will put a resistor across them of either four or eight or even 16 ohms and treat it more like a regular driver.

  • JR If you are serious I might still have those tweeters I can donate

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • ...and he already has some RS 2way xovers, which are so awesome they have multiple frequency taps to choose from.

  • Piezo please someone build that.

  • Do you mean, I can't just put those three items in a box and have a badass speaker? This speaker shit is easy. :)

  • Looks like he's over the $300 limit.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • No problem, they'll be competitive in the over $300 class.

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