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Wow! - Edge Diffraction is a Real Issue . . .

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Been applying 1" foam pipe insulation around my speakers and sharp shelf edges and PC monitor screen and the sound difference is incredible.

Gonna have to re-EQ these 2 sets of monitors tonight.

The sound is so much more smooth and all the sharpness in the treble has disappeared.

I'll try to post pics and explain this in more depth later . . .



  • ...and it sounds like you make that area way safer! OSHA would be proud. 😁

  • If I keep staying up all night tweaking the audio while sipping beers they will in fact serve two purposes . . .

  • Is the sound improving because of the foam or because of the beer?

  • Spent a late night at a buddies house porting a two stroke cylinder after we had a few beers. Had a big pile of shavings on the bench. Against the odds, the cylinder ran out pretty good.

  • I plan doing room treatments this winter in my bedroom/lab/all things music space. It matters, near and far field.

    I have a signature.
  • I had an annoying peak at 4.2Khz that I could not remove with EQ that is now gone just because I moved the foam pipe insulation tube over 2" on the shelf above the NS10M's to cover the MW.

    Diffraction is REAL.

    I'm not enjoying my Nikon D610 and low light right now - pics later . . .

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