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Woofer swap/simple xover mod?

Caveat, well aware this is highly frowned upon and regarded as taboo and 100% wrong. 😝

But the dented cones are driving me nuts.

I built a a BT radio, sounds very good, wavecor wf120bd04 if i remember correctly, stuffed in a too small enclosure (demand of compromise) and paired with css ld22, again if i am remembering correctly, with proper very good sounding crossover by Dhar. Once the cones got dented I spoke with Dhar and he really suggested I live with the dented cones, but I just can’t. So I’ve been on a search for a replacement driver.

And think i found it.

This looks like it will allow me to use the most of my sealed enclosure, the space i have available in said sealed enclosure, maybe offer more extension and power handling, and only need to make a small inlay ring to make it work.

I don’t want to burden anyone with a crossover retweek. Will it be a tolerable adjustment with this driver if I just do a simple first order on the woofer or is it more than just the woofer circuit and how it jives with the tweeter circuit? Or will i just have to suck it up and live with dented cones/bothering someone for a rework?

If my caveat is undeniable, just delete this post.😉


  • Looks like Solen still has those Wavecors.

  • @Tom_S said:
    Looks like Solen still has those Wavecors.

    I had to look it up… i have the bd02…. Sorry/thanks though Tom…. But yowzers that price!

  • I think the BD06 (PE has them for $102 USD) has the best chance of being a drop in replacement for your BD02. The BD02 is Nomex while the BD06 is paper, but other than that they're very similar. Here's links to their data sheets:


    BD06: LINK

    The BD06 is probably a couple dB more sensistive, but T/S parameters and FR curves are very similar. Of course the downside is the cost ($57 vs $102). Just my 2 cents.

  • Good looking out, Ed! I will keep an eye out for that to go on sale and give it a whirl.

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