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Orig Audio - The last word in HiFi - as attested by SharkTank

First the update:

Now for their latest speaker system - not sure why we need to have massive 2inch MDF composite boxes weighing 200 pounds, when a folding paper box will do...  and oh, no amp needed, it is self powered... 


  • It's been said that they sound thin and hollow.  =)
  • While I agree these are probably very shitty based on our standards, I believe it is yet another piece of evidence that people by and large are willing to invest in better sound. Similar to the Beats by Dre headphone line, whatever they sound like they are an expensive investment for a 15 year old, demonstrating they are not opposed to spending money in the pursuit of better sound. Sure, they are also a status symbol - but it is an indicator in the general market. These kids may grow up into audiophiles someday. 

    I like to go to Best Buy and listen to portable speakers. Just listen to some of them from Sonus and JBL and it becomes easy to understand why DIY is just not attractive to so many people these days. Those little buggers rock, take up almost no space, and can be taken with you almost anywhere. A dedicated desktop/bedroom system just doesn't fit the lifestyle.
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  • Yeh those little sonus wifi boomboxes pound. I cant believe it when i hear how loud they play. They are like $200 too.
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