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Old project redux? Dayton PT2C planar and Peerless PPB 6.5"

edited May 19 in DIY

This was my first real build, 5 or so years ago... I barely knew what I was doing. Just messing with the factory response graphs in PCD. I remember I snagged the PT2C-8 when they first released it for $25ea and held onto them for a while. I later picked up the Peerless 830874 6.5" on sale for $35ea. The result was..ok. I could hear the potential in the drivers atleast. Eventually I got a measurement mic and that confirmed the crossover needs a complete overhaul. Box is a little over .5cf, ported F3 around 50hz.

I have debated just parting it out and use the woofers with a second pair of 830874s in a tower with other tweeters. But it seems PE says the planars can be crossed as low as 2.5k (3rd order electrical), And I checked out Ben's old Nephila project, which gave me some hope this combo could still work out. Then I could save the other 830874s for the second pair of beastmode tweets I have.

What would you guys do?


  • Sell me the planars for $25/ea... Lol!

    Seriously, I would revisit the XO. Should be pretty nice if you get it dialed in.

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  • I like how the width of the tweeter is almost exactly the same width of the woofer's truncated flat. I haven't looked at either of those drivers... could the sensitivity of that planar keep up with two of those woofers wired in parallel (i.e. a killar tower MTM)?

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    830874 is rated 88.5db/1w. Seems accurate based on their graph.
    PT2C rated 94db/1w but the factory graph starts just under 90db around 2.5k and peaks over 95db past 9k then rolls down from there.

    So probably could handle 2x woofers after some BSC.

    Though now that I think of it. Just redoing the crossover could give me something to do for the PE SDC. Been aspiring to enter something for years. Would be rather fitting to enter these.

    @jr@mac said:
    Sell me the planars for $25/ea... Lol!

    Psh. I don't wanna hear it Mr-"$1 ea plus shipping" ;) :p

  • I've used the PT2a, and it was good to about 3k, so I feel yours should be too. The poly cone will be minimal breakup, so you should be successful.
    The RT5002 in the Nephila is only good to 3.4kHz, and a very different animal.

  • There you go Andrew. Sounds like that MTM could work!

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    Drew - I bought those same drivers when I first saw the pics you posted of that alignment on PETT. LOL.
    Still on the shelf unused so I am very interested in what you do with them in a passive XO.
    My desires for that combo would be XO'd to a sub so the 830874 could be pushed harder with less distortion and in a smaller box . . .

    I vote for redoing the XO.

  • The 874 is my favorite Peerless driver.

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    Regarding the Nephila, I was thinking generally about the driver size/form factor with a somewhat high crossover point. Much of the dogma I have soaked up over the years tells me that might not be such a favorable setup. But it flies anyway, and well apparently.

    For MTM, I don't think I'm to that point yet. I would rather do more research and probably experiment with that config on a smaller scale first. I really need to start shrinking the size of my builds anyway.. Running low on space. [pushes a stack of buyout 15"s out of view]

    If I were to do a multi woofer tower I'd probably try 2.5way. That config always piqued my interest for some reason.

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