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DSP, Amp & SMPS combo . . . (FYI)

edited September 12 in Related

This puts stereo 3-way cross-overs into a price range that beats the new MiniDSP stereo-only powered-streamer (Just an FYI):

DSP/Amp - 24VDC powered -->

800Watt 24VDC SMPS -->

Total price is about $625.00


  • Interesting little combo. Thx for posting- I saw the musway in your current build posting.

    I’ll be sticking with my miniHD pre/processor as I’m smitten with my Legacy 4ch amp. But, hoping Santa brings me the miniFlex to go all balanced…

  • That's probably a better set-up between tracks when there is no audio signal to mask the whispering chips telling you to go and . . .

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