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Speaker ID?

We had dinner with a friend tonight who leaves for Texas tomorrow. She's a recent widow and she's going to visit an old friend who is also now a widow. The story she had was that her friend's husband was a musician and toured often and on their first anniversary they had decided they would each buy something to celebrate. She spent $30 on a crochet bikini and he spent $1500 on a pair of speakers. I did some research and crocheted bikinis were popular in the 70's. Her friend still has the speakers and my friend had a picture and wanted to know if I could tell her anything about the speakers. There's no nameplate and the finish looks like it could be DIY. All I could tell her was that they were probably loud. The bikini is in the picture too.




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    Looks like a similar design concept to JBL 4650 with the upper horn in an open slot up top. But I think alot of the companies were copying each other's homework back then.

  • Looks like a DIY cross between a Yamaha and an Acoustic PA speaker.

  • Man, that is good looking! The speaker ain’t half bad either!

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