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LOL tweeters

So I bought a pair of these:

They cost $1.73, shipped. From China. 

The appearance and ad-copy is almost identical to a pair of tweeters I bought at Ratshack years ago, so I was curious about them. 

Here is the back of the card:

So of course they are pretty cheaply built, but what exactly are they? 

Out of the package:

A pair of tweeters with mounting hardware for $1.73? Awesome! You can buy these by the case on Ebay, by the way. 

On the trusty old LIMP jig, they showed a remarkably high impedance (like in the 1000's of ohms below 4 or 5k. I did not capture a screenshot this morning when I did this, however. 

So lets take one apart:

So there is an honest to goodness capacitor in there. I did not measure the actual value. The wires are approximately 28awg - hardly what you would expect on a 500 watt tweeter. The PCB is a nice touch, however. 

I pried the driver out of the housing, and it appears to be kind of "domey" looking. Keep in mind this piece of shit weighs almost nothing. The phase shield appears to be most of the mass of this thing. Pulling the dome out of the housing gives is this fine looking piece. The dimples are an interesting touch.

But wait, there's more. Looking at it from the side gives us this breathtaking view:


Check out that beautiful shit. A square piezo glued to a plastic domey looking piece of shit. 

The teardown was worth the $1.73. When I think of those HiVi K1 tweeters I used once and wonder if it can get worse - guess what? Turns out it really can get worse! 
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