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Directivity study on: dome tweeters, soft & hard, ribbon tweeters, WG and horns, nude or mounted...


  • Bookmarked for future perusal as I need this insight for my next project.
    Thanks, Thanh.

  • Interesting analysis. I don't see any graphics in post #3. Is that just me?

  • Ed,

    Should be fixed now.

  • 3 no graphics

  • edited January 23

    I can see it on my end so that’s odd.

    I’ll chat with the mods later and hopefully it will show up in the next 24 hours.

  • Just giving you a hard time :p

  • edited January 25

    OK I shook the gremlins out. Pics on post 3 should be up.

  • I bit a hole in my lip just now.

  • @tktran said:
    How about it, my MAC brains trust? Anyone like brain teasers?

    Answer is C.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • @dcibel said:

    @tktran said:
    How about it, my MAC brains trust? Anyone like brain teasers?

    Answer is C.

    I concur

  • edited January 25

    Hoping to bring everybody along with me.

    How issit?
    Too pic heavy? Too repetitive? Moving too slow?

  • I get this screen when going to the original link now:

    I guess I need to join yet another website . . .

  • Link is fine for me, logged in or not. It's a public forum.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Works for me too. Maybe try clearing you cookies?

  • It works for me now too and I didn't do anything - very strange.

  • edited February 8

    It's not you Steve, it's me.

    Since it's a live document, as I update the thread for improved readability, add pictures etc. (there's no build pictures- it didn't happen right?) ;) well sometimes it breaks the post. What happened the other day for you was probably when I edited the INITIAL post.

    If there are too many edits in a fixed period of time, then HT Guide flags it as spam.
    Probably since I'm posting from my laptop, workstation or phone, it might think I'm a bot.

    Then we have to wait until one Mods have to go and re-approve my posts.

  • Thanks for the explanation, Thanh.

  • Just an update. I’ve split that directivity study into two, to separate the high frequency drivers from the MF-

    The midrange/fullrange/midwoofers drivers are in a separate thread.

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