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What's spin'n? (physical media)

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A couple days ago I listened to "The Wall" on vinyl all the way through for the first time (latest pressing). Quite the experience

I currently still have the Faux Pas setup as main L/R. Growing rather fond of them for their dynamics.

Tonight I spun Kokoroko. London based band that I'd consider Jazz but with a hefty Afican flair. Leans nicely into the brass and bass guitar.

What are you spinning? (vinyl, tape, reel, optical, etc?)



  • The hard drive platters spin in my NAS ;)

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
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    I should have just posted here instead of my old thread! Listening to Kansas Leftoverature tonight. Somehow I ended up with 3 copies of it and unfortunately none are in great shape.

  • Picked up a 3fer of Firefall recently. I'll be checking those out maybe today.

  • An old copy of Dexter Wansel “Voyager” is spinning tonight. I bought this when I was in HS and I’m surprised it’s still in great condition.

  • The turntable on that album cover looks cool . . .

  • Got a new stylus for one of my old Shure cartridges today. Listening to John Cougar Mellencamp right now. Not bad shape for a Goodwill LP.

  • No physical media spinning, but revisiting an old favorite right now - Bat Out of Hell. Love this album.

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  • Well technically, the hard drive is spinning, so...

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  • Grabbed a random record off the shelf tonight, and this is it.

  • A record that I got in a lot that was given to me. Kind of an early punk rock.

  • Hit the flea market this weekend...

    Wife wanted the Poison, later found out that's a banned cover, so bit of a collectable. Basically gave $60 for all of them.

  • Lol my wife tells me she had that one when she was younger but suspects one of her family members stole it.

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    Realy awesome live recording.

    This would be a perfect alternate intro song for Goldeneye!

    Probably my favorite.

    IMO there aren't any stinkers on it. Would have been amazing to see live.

  • I think you nailed it with that 1st link - definitely something bound for a Bond move sound track.

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