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If you could only attend one speaker building event this year, which one?

Which one and why?

I have never been to one, trying to make it happen this year. Would like some feedback on something I have built.

Indiana - Would have to fly, couldn't bring a pair to demo.
SoDak - Could drive (20 hours) and bring a couple of pairs.
Iowa - Could drive like SoDak, but October is not the greatest month for me to travel, lots going on.

Leaning towards Sodak for this year, but who knows.


  • I'd say this is a continuum so jump in anywhere but don't stop with one. They are all worth attending.

    As JR doesn't do SoDak every year it's best to catch him this year.

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  • It also depends on how many of others' speakers you want to hear. I think SoDak is going to be a smaller/more personal event. Definitely some "pros" to that in terms of good speaker-building conversations. On the other hand, Indiana and Iowa have had some many speakers in the last few years that it is pretty non-stop listening (with a lunch break) of speakers taking their 10 minute turn.

  • I have only been to Iowa a couple times.
    Higly recommend it, but I need to attend others as well.

  • Just come on , do it . Iowa might be your baby .

  • drewsbrews got your ears on?

  • They all have plenty of things to appreciate. PE SDC has some excellent people that make the event special, Vivian. In Plymouth MI. Dan Poinset and his business partner are really good dudes. Iowa is my favorite so far. I think they have some things figured out. Comradery. I am Looking forward to Ft. Wayne IN. late April where I am sure, knowing these guys, that there will be plenty of comradery, enough to make it worth the trip.

  • Wait a minute, I forgot how Dan let me park my van and in his side parking lot and sleep the night .

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    Indiyana is the farthest west I've been sofar for these gatherings. I agree there were a ton of builds there so things were very regimented to be sure everyone could get air time. Not complaining. The only way to be as sure as you can that noone gets shafted.

    The Michigan one was pretty cool. Fewer builds so a bit more lax and some time to goof around.

    SDC is always nice. Have seperate rooms so you have a chance to chat away from the "noise" and/or play what you want on your speakers. A pile of door prizes (usually a decent amount of nice stuff) and what was left of the ol tent sale (now garage sale for SDC entrants).. I got lucky and scored on both the door prize and garage sale. Also nice for me that I'm only ~30min drive from PE.

    Iowa last year looked a little unique as they pulled out some vinyl. Was kindof bummed I didn't plan to make the trek.

    Don't know what I'll be attending this year yet. My company has been merged/acquired and they have done the worst job transitioning. Near 2mo in and still no clue if I will or won't be losing 1/4 of my annual PTO this year (I will lose it after this year I know that much). And they switched to accrual only so I basically have none so far.

  • I am a bit biased, but I have attended a lot of speaker building DIY events. I've been to every Dayton event since 2002 inception, all InDIYana since inception in 2007, all CKY-DIY 2007 on, Iowa 2007 through 2010.

    The camaraderie, the pursuit and sharing of the knowledge involved, the great and rewarding sounding projects we've all poured into, and the time spent with the like-minded all represent what these hold. It's a special time. You won't forget your first one, and it won't be your last.

  • just come on drews brews hope you like beers

  • And Jake , lol will have some beers for you too

  • Can't really go wrong with any of them.

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  • I like them all. They all have lots of positives.

    If you want to hear the sheer number of speakers (some of them wildly different) then InDIYana is maybe best for that. Sometimes it feels a bit rushed to get every project played. Way too much chit chat in the listening room which is annoying to me.

    Iowa has the best venue hands down and a good number of speakers but enough extra time to play around with turn tables, tube amps, and such. Unfortunately not everyone east of Lake Michigan makes it.

    I've only made it to DDIY once but it was very enjoyable. Smaller number of speakers but sitting on couches and listening to your music tracks instead of on conference chairs and the same "house" track was a huge bonus.

    None of them suck is what I'm saying.

  • Adding to it, also what is that you want to achieve, at all events you will get to see and hear great speakers and music and enjoy great conversations and make a lot of reiends.

    If you want to showcase your build and get feedback and compliments, then pick a venue you cand drive to. Flying with bulky speakers is not really possible, though you can try shipping! Once you attend an event and you are looking at getting to know and hang out with speaker geeks and have a great time, have a build to showcase becomes less important and flying becomes an option. Also don't discount the informal times - these are some of the best time to hang out, goof aorund and try stupid stuff - a lot of fun. But for this you need to there on the Friday night or stay late into saturday night - not possible if you need to drive early next day and be awake for it.

    Pick one that you can do most comfortably, pretty soon you will try to do them all....

  • I have tried to keep the chatting down. Unfortunately, not everyone goes to the rear section to do this, nor keep their conversations to a whisper when in the main room. I will post signs this year...

  • LOL, just put Chuck in charge :p

     John H, btw forum has decided I don't get emails
  • Ive enjoyed them all. Though I'm not as enthusiastic about Dayton.
    I will be on noise patrol lol

  • Mrs. JR was really good at keeping that down the year she attended.

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    She is! Chuck not so much.... :p

  • Thanks everyone, lots of great information.

    Both Iowa and SoDak seem to be more laid back and casual, and that is more appealing to me.

    I think I am going to try and attend SoDak and go from there.

  • @Nicholas_23 said:
    And Jake , lol will have some beers for you too

    If I make it to SoDak, I am sure I could manage to fit a six pack or four of some of our local beers in the truck.

  • @Jakes_dad said:

    @Nicholas_23 said:
    And Jake , lol will have some beers for you too

    If I make it to SoDak, I am sure I could manage to fit a six pack or four of some of our local beers in the truck.

    We have several breweries here now - they make some good stuff for the most part.

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