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March, 5, 2024; Important notice:Acc
According to the website:

The lifetime of ARTA development has come to an end.

After more than twenty years of ARTA software development I decided to stop development and take care of myself.

I have fullfilled my promise that ARTA users will get all versions 1.x.x. freely.


1) ARTA selling will be stopped on March, 30, 2024.

2) The firm ARTALABS be closed in April or May 2024.

3) The ARTALABS web site will be active until February, 2025. The last version and support files will be available for download.

4) I hope that you will be able to use ARTA software on Windows for many years (while Windows support 32-bit programs).

Best regards,

Ivo Mateljan

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