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vintage solder

Hi all.
So, I placed 10oz of Superspeed rosin core solder on ebay for $15 and sold it in like 10 min. It was picked up on the estate sale for a $1.
After the sale I had people asking me to sell it to them for anything from $60 to $120.
What gives?



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    Maintains "purity" for repair of those old tube amps ;)

    Some areas finally banning sale of lead bearing solder maybe?

  • I think that was silver solder.

  • The company existed from 1945 to 1976. Main business was lead smelting. I guess solder manufacturing was a side gig. Most of their adds appear in the radio magazines like Wireless Engineer or The Electrician. Both British mags. Person who's estate this solder was picked up at was ended a fan of DIY radios.
    In any event, apparently people who DIY guitars and amps are trying to get old solder so they can alter the sound and create small tonal improvements. I was also told, old solder has enough resolution for speakers. As crazy as it sounds....
    If you guys get some old solder, auction it on ebay. There will be crazy people outbidding each other for lead.

  • .... people.

  • That seems too simple, you can still get leaded solder. You could even get raw lead and make your own mix if you were really that convinced it made a difference.

  • Wasn't it Steve Gibson who proclaimed that solder connections to the binding posts ruined the "sound"

    But Chahly - Stahkist don't want speakers that look good, Stahkist wants speakers that sound good!
  • I guess he didn't notice all the solder connections inside the amplifier!

  • You guys just need to use cryogenically treated unicorn urine for flux and then the solder type won't matter.

  • I have actually seen cryogenically treated solder for sale. :)

  • Don't let Danny R. get wind of this! =)

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