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Driver Selection for Outdoor Speakers

My daughter and son in law asked me to build a set of speakers they want to keep on their deck spring through fall. I thinking I'd like to do a 2-way, HLCD on top and a 12" on bottom as a middle ground between output, LFE and enclosure size. I'm also looking to keep driving pricing toward the budget side at around ~ $50ea for the woofers.

The MULTICOMP PRO 55-2982 caught my attention for price, and being listed as a coated paper cone. I'm reaching out to verify of the coating is for weather resistance. I was also interest in the GRS 12PT-8 but I'm not sure if those will be weather resistant as they're paper cone.

Any other recommendations for 12" drivers that can be exposed to weather? I haven't found much in the way of polycones/rubber surround that fit my price range and can work in a 2 way.


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