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Esoteric and waveguide rs28

I've been contemplating this for awhile and recently a potential customer has asked for something along these lines.
A pair of the Dayton 180Esoteric drivers and the rs28f tweets in a seos 8 waveguide. TMM layout. Using the Dayton specs, it looks like I can get into the mid to upper 30s in about 1.3 cubes. The waveguide will allow a crossover point in the 1 to 1.2k range and I think a sensitivity in the upper 80s. The enclosure dimensions are probably going to be a little weird as these will probably wider than they are deep.

The customer is a friend of a friend who heard my Victor build and really likes them but the size is more than his room could handle. But the appearance he loved (woodgrain vinyl baffle, black duratex sides) and sense he is footing the bill, he gets what he wants :)

Hopefully, this will commence soon!


  • I hope this means you are going to post some details up in this thread, because I'm sure excited to see what you squeeze out of this build.
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  • I think a 1.2k crossover point will moot the shit sound from the Esoteric midbass above 1k. Nice bass from the driver, but God what a turd in the mids.
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  • I was unimpressed with Bill's linehoppers, but I think it was because of the tweeter's sounf and the woofer playing too high.
  • Well you both hit the nail on the head. I was not that impressed either with the line hoppers but blamed it on the crossover more than the drivers at the time. My friend Mike wants to do a more budget friendly build using the da215.
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