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Loudspeaker Design 101 via Harmon

(Alan Erse linked this on that litterbox forum)

They know what they are doing, and their technical writing team has assembled an easy to digest bit of very useful propaganda targeted at the DIY'er. One issue I notice is they do not suppress the woofer breakup in their optimized crossover (!) Engineering Students Guide to Loudspeaker Design, March 31.pdf

Anyways, nice look behind the cones on the drivers Revel uses - would be interesting to see how the SB Acoustics they use compare to the off-the-shelf models available to you and I. As-is, it appears they use drivers and construction techniques competitive with DIY'ers. I am tempted to contact them and tell them not to link to the DATS v2 as it is more headache than it is worth lol.
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