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Get familiar with the reaction system: Introducing the Reaction System

Introducing the Reaction System.

Multiple people have posted on the forum asking for a like button. There are like plugins for this forum, some of which connect to Facebook and some that don't, and that is fine and good. However when I set up this site I took advantage of a more powerful addon called YAGA, short for: Yet Another Gaming Application. This addon allows users to respond to posts in any manner we deem valid and comes with a set of reactions for which I didn't even feel the need to expand on. 

How do you use this system? Its simple. Hover your cursor over a post that isn't yours and the reactions appear underneath, like so:

Next to the quote option you can see: Promote, Insightful, Awesome, LOL, WTF, and Spam. When you click one of these you'll be recorded as responding to the post that way. Additionally, a small icon will appear under the post noting your reaction.

Part of the reason I say this is more powerful is that the system offers a way to read the forum based on reactions. You can find this on the left sidebar, by clicking Best Of... under Categories. This takes you to a set of pages that let you see the most promoted, most insightful, etc posts as recorded by the reaction system,
= Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."


  • Not sure I understand what this is, Jason - see attached screen shot of the options I am presented with beneath your post. It appears all I have is the "quote" feature.
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  • I think I fixed the permissions issue, but it also seems you might need to click on the post to see the reactions, which I don't get.

    Also, you won't have Promote. That is a special reaction for users up in ranks to add extra points over Insightful.
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • Got it, thx JP.
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Weird - at home I have to physically click in the body of the post to activate the "attaboys", on my PC at work the hover feature works. Using Win10 here at work, Win7 at home. 
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  • whateveryousaymaster

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