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Box O' Coils

Hard to explain what this pile of shit is - other than it is a failed experiment on my end to try and capture every possible value of coil from 0.05 to 3+ millihenries. Most of them are those weird little ferrite core PE had as a buyout several years ago. I knocked the core out of a good chunk of them and made a ton of values ranging to 0.95mH, left the core in more and made values ranging to 2.5 (I think). There are others, obviously - stuff I do not have the mate to, mostly. Wide range of values and wire gauges. 60 coils in total. Another useful lot for tweakers. 

It is a failed experiment because I lack discipline and get too carried away during voicing to properly manage this setup. I go all apeshit and just dive in. I will ship all of these anywhere in the CONUS for $65. That is a pretty good deal for someone who needs a wide range of values for testing/tuning/tweaking. Paypal only, no trades. 
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