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WG 2-way design thread.

There seems to be some interest in this so I figured I would post it up. I've had some drivers and veneer on the back burner for a few years and decided to do something with them. I got them all measured and Craig got me squared away with the files and a base x-over to start from. I don't have exact values on hand for this but ordered a bunch to test this week. It's going to be close to see if I can get something I really like built in time. I'll bring them to indiy either way but it may not be a final product. They are completely finished and nice looking from that aspect.

The first option sounded pretty good there is a little off-ness in the lower mids i need to figure it. The below info is an option I want to try. I wanted to give the woofer a little less slope and take a touch off the tweeter db wise. The phase still looks really good. IT's going to be a balancing act with really sharp roll offs on both drivers so you dont hear an abrupt transition. I really really love the sound of the tweeter in this guide. Im listening to demos and hear alot of cool stuff. The woofer RS270P-4 is as little quirky, I may need to change to a 3" port from a 2" port or just seal it for the time being.

As always question, comment, critique as you see fit. I don't offend easily.

First picture is the raw measurements and measurements with the filter in place.

Summed response with rev null

Summed response

Tweeter circuit (not targeting 2 order just didn't change it)

Woofer circuit   (not targeting 2 order just didn't change it)



  • That response looks damn good. Hopefully you are pretty close to the end result.

    So I see you mentioned the RS270P-4, but what is the tweeter. I'll hazard a guess: RS28A in the SEOS guide?
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  • I'm with Jason , that looks pretty damn nice to me sir. What is it that you're hearing in the lower mids? 
  • Maybe you need to increase the inductor on the woofer a bit, +0.25mh or so, maybe that would take out that 2db rise from 300 to 800. That could be audible?
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • Its rs28a in seos wg. Sorry I havent listened to this model yet. I ordered the parts for both xovers. The base had a 2.0 mh on the woofer which squashed that peak Jason mentioned and it rolled off a little harder, phase was near perfect overlay and tbe tweeter was pretty much flat all tbe way. I will post the base x-over model Craig laid out. There was a spanish song in one of the diy demo tracks that had alot of 800-1400 hz content that i didnt like tbe sound off. Most everything else sounded pretty good. I always like a few db of low end so thats why i want to try the above xover. 
  • I also need to ditch the 24g-28g test leads im using i think its causing problems. When i gave them the berries the woofer distorted way before it should have. 
  • This 270p doesnt seem to dig as deep as one would expect a 10" too. Cabinet volume is approx 32 liters with a 2" port x 5.6" long its tuned to 33hz. F3,F6,F10 is 37, 32, 27 hz. 

    The drum tracks sound really good. I dont feel a ton of air coming out of the port or any chuffing yet or maybe i just used to aluminum cone drivers. This is by far the most challenging design i've had to work with. Its doubtful ill have a "final" version by this weekend. I will probably need to play with crossover points a little more. 
  • I found it wouldn’t dig as deep as initially thought either when I modeled mine. However, don’t remember size/tuning specifics anymore, but I do recall it taking at least 75watts to reach xmax which I liked a lot.  
  • Thx, yeh wbcd suggested 30 liters. It can handle power tho. I guess i could try sealing the port with a 2" plumbing end stop. 
  • Lol, so break in your woofers! They are coming to life a little more now. 
  • @jhollander ; looks like you nailed it on 8-10kdip on the model above. I can tilt it back up a little. Beyond 10k might be a problem then but i can measure to verify. Thanks!
  • Mike I think a little 15K peak is fine on axis.  This really comes down to how you like your speakers.  I like detail so a 15K peak is OK if the "Ss" and snare drums/ brush on drums sound natural.  I've used a contour filter to lift the RS28A in a few designs.
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