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New pair of original RS28A for sale

I am looking to sell a pair of the original RS28A tweeters. They are new, only use is running one (or both, don’t remember) through dats. Never mounted. I’m looking for $100/pr plus shipping (likely the cheapest between usps, ups, or fed ex. If you’re a local cheesehead and want to pick them up you could forego shipping. Hopefully I’m not asking too much, but it is the same or less than I paid so I’d like to get that back I guess since they are new and NLA. Thanks!


  • I would have guessed this group would have no interest in these esp at near retail price... shows what I know...
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I would have guessed this group would have no interest in these esp at near retail price... shows what I know...
    Agreed! Taking another look at my overflowing shelves of drivers!
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • People want to build the continuums and so many used them in other builds that they want a backup. I have 3 extra used ones at the moment! Want to keep one for my waveguide build for sure incase it fails. 
  • I didn’t think they would last long. I probably could have put them on the bay and made money, lol. I actually waited several hours to post them on TT to give you guys first dibs.
  • I think Mike hit the nail right on the head.  I personally am not interested in the Continuums but I have a pair of RS28A on the shelf I'm gonna use some day with a pair of really cool 3D printed guides I won in InDIYana a couple years ago.  They are the 10" round guides Dan P made.
  • I’m in a boat where I have no interest in kits either, and despite the original rs28s truly being a very good tweeter, I don’t really need them for anything, have an idea for different tweeters, and am trying to trim my stockpile. Figured I’d sell these and buy the ones I need with the money.

    I texted back and forth with the guy on TT who bought them today. He was stoked to get them, so theres also the aspect of making someone really happy that made me glad to sell them. He seems like a real nice guy.
  • I see there is a new version of the continuums with the Cat308. I never knew those revised kits existed. Anybody hear one? I don’t want them, just curious.
  • Sounded good to me and had good performance, but alas, not the sound of the original, IMHO.
  • Thanks for your impressions Ben
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