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Cap on tweeter for DSP and speaker measurements.

I see a lot of people recommend having a capacitor on the tweeter before taking measurements and also when using s DSP. Anyone have a quick application guide? I will be working on a dome tweeter as well as a few ribbons. Thanks.


  • True ribbons should never be connected to an amp without a capacitor. They will short the amp out with their 0.2 ohm DCR. Jeff likes to use a 10uF, 25uF, or 100uF depending on what driver he's testing.

  • I have a four way multi amped system.  I am thinking about putting caps into the top two channels which I have never done before  (I did put a smallish fuse in series most of the time) in case one of my elderly amplifiers blows an output device and tries to DC kill one of my not easily replaceable Beryllium drivers.  I would hate to have to replace any of those.  What kind of caps to people here like for that purpose?
    I was not aware that ribbons have such low DCR thank you for mentioning it.  I have a pair of Pioneer ribbons that were once in a pair of hi tech Phase Linear speakers from the late seventies.  I will measure it before I hook it up to anything.  It was a three way system.
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