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Transducer Lab Tweeters (circle mount) for woofers

If you want a nice pair of tweeters, and have some nice woofers for trade, lets make a deal!
I have pairs of the following: N26CR2-G, N26CR2-A, as well as the N26MGR-A (

I'm specifically looking for the following to build a classic 3-way, but I'm open to other suggestions:
1) Scanspeak Revelator 18W/8531G
2) Scanspeak Classic 21W/8555
3) Vifa NE-265 (04 or 08)
4) Vifa NE-225-08 (not sure if this digs deep enough)



  • I realized that a new member saying he has close to $1000 in extra tweeters may seem sketchy, so hopefully these pictures help. Have a great weekend!
  • It's really too bad that TL is no longer. :(
  • They are my favorite domes. Thats why I have 4 of them (the CF is not for sale)!
  • Can you elaborate on 1) what dome material 2) is there a purchase price if i don't have anything to trade.
    I Love Beryllium domes.  And have been looking at other good materials too. Ceramic and sapphire are good but probably denser and heavier than carbon fiber or diamond.  Diamond will come down in price too just watch. It's not that exotic anymore.  (in another life I am a gemologist)
  • I looked , ceramic. But how much??

  • Pm sent.  By your description the MGR's are closest to Beryllium
  • Will sell the MGR-A pair for 160 shipped CONUS.  They have been mounted for testing.
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