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Fubarred dsp408

IIRC, several of you no longer visit PETT and there is rather large knowledge pool here that might be able to help out.  To refrain from reposting everything please take a gander at my dsp408 woes to see if you can come up with an idea before I body slam this thing.   



  • Sorry, I don't have a clue about DSP. 
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • That really irritates me that you are having these issues. 
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    Your here, no one is denied. Case closed. <3
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  • And anybody have a $5 off $50 code?  Need to place a small order for some tube sockets and stuff.  I've had limited success with     
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    Sorry, wish I could help. What site do you need a code?

    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • I suspected Dayton's dsp unit was similar to the Cadence 4.8DSP I was looking at a few summers ago. They had some similar issues when the product was first released. I think they finally resolved it, so don't take the hammer to that thing just yet.
  • If you've tried on more than one PC, send it back, exchange for a different one and try again.
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  • dcibel said:
    If you've tried on more than one PC, send it back, exchange for a different one and try again.
    That's your best bet . These boards are complex, and rushed to market.
    There is close to zero probability that PE knows the secret "return to factory default" sequence,
    so let the manufacturer sort it out.

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  • Hopefully they'll give you an RA number...
  • Hopefully this doesn't turn into another Dayton shit show like the WT3 fiasco.
  • Welp I dodged that bullet! Sorry to hear its going poorly. 
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    Nothing from PE yet. 

    Lucky you.     
  • I know windows has an event log that might hint at whats going on . Does IOS have a similar feature? 
  • Boy told me to check the event log but nothing looked funny.  And I'm not sure it is supposed to connect to iOS via lightning to usb b cable.  Is iOS bluetooth only? 
  • I thought it was only bluetooth. 
  • Well well well...   bassed on Geoff's admission on PETT:

    "These issues are ones we are currently working on and are going to have a resolution soon"

    I would hope Parts Express does a better job taking care of customers who bought their released product than they did with their WT3 fiasco.
  • I hope it doesn't get to that point, as well.
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    Seen that. I do not like paying to be a beta tester, but for the moment, I will refrain from posting my feelings on the subject until talking with Geoff.   

  • Color me impressed.  Going to return the unit in exchange for a new one.  Bought it from JR (looked as if it had never left the box) not PE, so yea, good job PE and Geoff.   

    He did say a couple updates will be out shortly that should address this and some other issues.   
  • Awesome!
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  • WOW ... just freakin wow!  Received the replacement dsp408 and it is doing the same thing.  You have got to be kidding me.  
  • Seriously?
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  • Soon after the dsp408 STB, the minidsp software stopped.  See the PETT post for more details.  I'm thinking both units use some of the same boards and wondering if there might be a conflict in some underlying shared programming that causes both the unit and software to dnf.

    Did try the dsp408 on an older laptop, same problem even though that old laptop never had minidsp on it.  Maybe whatever happens to the unit it then does to everything later connected to it?         
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    Received a text from Geoff, or at least his number, and there is supposed to be another ... scratch that.  I reread the text message and they're sending 1 new minidsp 2x4, not dsp-408.  Dude, how about figuring out what to hell is going on with the software.  I'm about as far away from an IT guy as anyone could be and I don't have the time but I will work with them if they want.  Hey, they send a new minidsp then I'm only out 1 dsp-408 and the other minidsp 2x4.         

  • That is sad that their problems with their new DSP product are so bad that they are just balling up and sending you a MiniDSP instead.
  • I hope they are sending you a HD 2×4.
  • That would be some consolation.  For some reason their dsp408 appears useless to me and I'm down 2 minidsp 2x4 that I can no longer connect to.  And the connection issue with both mini and 408 ... just coincidence???        
  • Sort of points to a CN shop that won't or can't stand behind their product. PE should be able to fix these,
    there are a lot of CN design/build shops, although maybe not a lot for audio DSP boxes.
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  • The minidsp software is once again functioning.  Somehow a 'setting' folder had to be deleted.   JasonM (PE tech) alerted me to the fix from a thread on the minidsp forum.  The folder had 0kb when a normal folder has somewhere around 40-60kb.  Both minidsps now work with their 4way advanced software.  I assume they will also work with their 2x4 software.  The date on the folder was the same day the minisoftware quit and the recent dsp408 bricked.

    And according to JasonM, both the old returned dsp408 and the new one they sent me as a replacement are now useless bricks.


    But they did send me a new minidsp 2x4, not the hd version.  I needed 2 in, 6 out.  That's why I wanted the dsp408; 2 in, 8 out. 

    Where do I go from here?                     
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