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Tymphany XT25TG30-04 faceplate removal

Has anyone successfully removed the faceplate from an XT25TG30-04?  I removed the three torq head bolts but it appears the faceplate is heavily glued on.  I want to try this tweeter in a waveguide I have.



  • I wouldn't. The reason Dave Pellegrene always used the face as attachment was because of this. The XT25 and maybe even XT19 initially had impedance variations due to how well the face was attached, and the method of fixing it was to use strong glue and test with a certain torque from the factory to maintain consistency. The plastic faces had a tendency to warp slightly, and it was enough to throw off the impedance and decent seal of the tweeter. There are/were stories of how rotating it one screw position would improve the worse alignments. This was likely around 2005 or so.
  • Bummer.  Too bad as the OD of the XT25's surround is a perfect match to the opening of this particular waveguide.  And its phase plug would have been a benefit as well.  Oh well I have other tweeters that might fit so we will see.
  • Which waveguide? On the XT25BG60-04, it was like rubber cement that held the faceplate on and removing it with a little prying from a screwdriver was quite easy.

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    Faceplate is easily removed, just cut the glue with a knife. The tweeter isn't sealed to the faceplace at all, I'd suspect someone having issues with that in the past had a bad tweeter to begin with.

    However, with faceplate removed, you'll find what's inside won't mount to a waveguide easily. A 3D printable adapter is available for Visaton WG148 that is very nice. This adapter will work with any of the similar drivers, XT25, DX25 and the new Scan-Speak equivalents.

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