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If the advertised specs are accurate, this is a killer sealed box and vented box woofer. Long throw, etc. 

I did some modeling using the provided TS, and using some various settings in WBCD and 0.5 - 1.0ohm series resistance, I was able to see low to mid-30's in 30L vented, and mid-40's sealed. Outstanding. There are some wrinkles and a rise in the impedance not congruent with modern advanced motor design - but that may simply mean it is limited to 3-way use for a high end build. However, it is my belief that the impedance curve receives too much attention when it comes to judging distortion, so I will wait for 3rd party feedback. 

My greater concern is the history of HiVi being, shall we say, less than reliable on their provided specs. I have measured enough of them at this point not to trust a damn thing they claim. Le sigh, looks like a killer woofer on paper.
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