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Subwoofers from scratch?

Has anyone ventured in building there own drivers from scratch. Cost is pretty much the same as buying them but I have found it a change of pace. I started buying parts and looking for the things needed shortly after IowaDIY. These ain’t perfect but they get better each time I rebuild it with better found soft parts. My plans are to build a elaborate passive OB for DDIY if JR still has a open spot. They would feature 2-18’s or15’s for bass a hand built 8” midrange and a ESS Trans 3 tweeter all passive with shunt att circuits.  
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  • See, now this is taking DIY to another level. Always a spot for a local, Brad. 
    I have a signature.
  • Very cool!  Where are you sourcing the parts?  I have a few drivers that i would like to rebuild and modify.
  • Awesome! I’ve always wanted to tinker with that. Where are you getting the parts?
    The Speaker Exchange
    China sourcing 
  • MWA group designed driver and parts buy?  Could be interesting.  I'd be on the bench for that though.
  • That's insane - in a good, mad scientist kind of way! At the rate your going, you'll be competing with Wilson Audio soon - and your stuff looks just as good theirs already.
  • Next level shit there. Very COOL ! 
  • Some measurements before I destroy this.All these measurements were taken at 15 inch from dust cap that I hear isn’t fully glued. Amp was a Dayton 250 watt plate amp 180hz LP. Not the greatest but I have to start somewhere. 
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