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RS28 screws

Does anyone have 4 of the flat head screws that hold the face plate to the tweeter? 


  • I took apart the new rs tweeter . It's not going back together . I'll see if I still have those screws
  • Meniscus might have some just fyi if you cant find any. 
  • Awesome, let me know if you do. I'll check Meniscus, if no one else has them.🤘
  • Just got off work , did some digging and found the four screws. Let me know how you want me to proceed. 
  • Sweet! What do ya want for them? Send to:
    Eric Woodring
    1035 Capt Frank Rd
    New Albany, IN
  • The old screws are the same as the new screws?
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • 6thplanet said:
    Sweet! What do ya want for them? Send to:
    Eric Woodring
    1035 Capt Frank Rd
    New Albany, IN
    No worries , got you covered . I'll try to get them out tomorrow since I have it off.
  • edited March 28
    I compared the heads of them last night to the old version and they seem nutts on. Now the threads .... I'm not sure , I didn't pull the old one to verify. 
  • Dude I totally appreciate it, thanks!
  • Eric , I havent made it to the USPS store as of yet , but have things boxed up. Dealing with some bullshit at home this weekend. 
  • That's cool, no rush, do it when you get a chance
  • Didnt forget about you Eric , there will be some extras in the box.
  • oh and thank you for your patience 
  • Great, that's funny I was just thinking about them...almost sent a PM 😁 Thanks again!
  • Nick did you send them out yet, I haven't seen them yet?
  • Eric , not yet . Trying to figure out what else I can stuff in this USPS box . Ill just send it as is, with whats in it. Sorry for the delay. I should be home tomorrow morning from work. Was asked to stay and cover over night in case the next crew doesnt make it in ( bad weather here) . Ill get it out in the tomorrow morning 
  • Total brain fart and small world. I have been to your town and to one of your grocery stores in the past. Took a vacation there back in 03 maybe 04 ? 
  • Cool, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss them or they got lost. Dig, get'um out when you get a chance.
  • Holy crap dude! Ahhhh...thanks for the box o' stuff. I have to ask, what's the pick-ups out of? That was a hell of a surprise 😁👍
  • Sweet , glad it made it. The pickups were for the jazzmaster build ( still in process) they are just some amazon buy . I mean, they are out of an old Les Paul 50's guitar. 
  • Ha ha, Nick! Dude I just noticed/found the bag of rocks in that box you sent me. That's some funny shit 🤣
  • Magic pebbles?
    I have a signature.
  • I think so, might have incorporate them into the next crossover. 🤔
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