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I dont recall when I purchased this software but it was cheap at the time so I snagged it up. I see alot of real estate agents using it to sell properties . I guess you can super impose three images over the top of each other then blend them together and edit features of said image. I havent done that yet but was able to edit one image ... well multiple single image files from the past airshow here.  BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT


  • I will try and do a before and after pic a little later. 
  • Images via Nikon DSL D5000 I believe . I do not think I used the D60 on these. 

  • some baked in features 
  • Is the first two pics an A10?
  • Yes sir, seven barrels of 30 mm law on the end of that sucker. 
  • My fav! Nothing like 4,200 rounds of depleted-uranium per minute. Fucking bad ass!!!!!
  • Hell yeah brother , fun fact , the plane was designed around the gun . So basically , " here guys , I want you to be able to fly this gun in the air, can you build be something ?" 
  • I'm not an aviation guy by any means, but the first time I saw that jet it was love at first sight. That thing is like pure ass kicking in flight! If I ever hit a major lotto, it's mine! 😁
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