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JR- you staying warm up there?

Apparently thousands of homes are without power in Sioux Falls...

Expecting 2.5' of snow and 50mph winds from 'bomb-cyclone storm', and accompanying thunder-snow. Yes- on Wed April 10th.


  • Yep, we managed through it. It was worse just a few miles north, I think our total was 6" if extremely heavy white shit. 
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  • FWIW, we got about an inch and a half tonight. Never thought I'd see snow on April 15th.
  • We dodged the snow in Cleveland, but just freezing rain. Still, summer? Are you coming? I wonder...
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  • We just had the carbon tax introduced, so that will take care of the weather here. :)
  • We got just over 4 inches on Sunday and it was all gone by yesterday afternoon.  We might hit 70 here today :)
  • Should clear 70 today here as well.
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