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Some drivers FS

edited April 2019 in Classifieds
At work, so no specifics or photos - wanted to get the thread started. This pricing is exclusive to my MAC brothers, it will be higher over at PETT.

I have a quad of Rival treated Kevlar 7" - forget the actual model off-hand. $150 shipped to the 48.

I have a pair of Rival aluminum 7" - $90 shipped to the 48.

A quad of HiVi F8 - $125 shipped to the 48.

Four of the hokey RST28 tweeters. $60 shipped to the 48. I just don't want to deal with PE return/replace. They are good enough for quickie projects.

Four DA25 tweeters, recently on sale. $40 shipped to the 48. Again, quickie projects are all these are good for. 

Four Gradient AMT tweeters, rectangle faceplate. Some info out there, looks like low distortion. $75 shipped to the 48. SOLD

Others as I dig out my shed.

Obviously I have shared impedance data on most of these drivers, so you know what to expect. 

PayPal only. I am slow to ship sometimes as I am a very busy man these days. I ship FedEx, and do require a phone number. 

No trades unless I find it interesting, so don't be afraid to pm me with what you got. Keep in mind speakers are just one of my hobbies.

(I believe I finally have the right drivers in hand to do a couple high end builds and then it is Ratshack for the next few years). 
I have a signature.
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