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So I'm really itching to start collecting drivers for my vehicle and have decided on the mid, Scanspeak 10f/8414g, I've already got the substage completed, Aura MR.18.  

My next task is deciding on a 6" - 8" woofer, which will go underseat (stock location) and has a VERY difficult constraint on that it needs to be about 3" in depth.  I haven't actually pulled the seat to see how much more room I can pull out of it, but have seen guys go 3", and maybe I can go 3.5", but the less work in modifying the better.  I'm trying to go 8" but if a 6" fits the bill entirely I wouldn't be against it.

Current options in order of first blush belief of concept:

1. Morel MW-266 /known to work well, shallow solid performer
2. Morel H8.1 / shallow, step-up, bit pricey, works better in the space provided
3. Wavecor WF166TU02 / 6.5", great sensitivity, almost perfect for airspace and natural rolloff, shallow
4. Dayton Esoteric 7"
5. SB Acoustics 8" woofers / whole bunch that I like, sensitive! , pushing the issue of depth, have always wanted to use SB drivers
6. Scanspeak 22W/4534G00 / stick with same line, great power handling and sensitivity, depth is iffy, great match for where I'll probably cross and airspace to do it

I feel like I'm probably splitting hairs here but figured I'd get some suggestions so as to not miss something that a novice like I will likely do, and I know a great deal of you guys have experience with or close to these drivers.  I'm open to other ideas as well.

Oh!  Woofer goes under front seats, the mid is in the door panel level with the dash and if you guys don't mind was gonna talk tweeter after this, which will be in the sail.



  • There are a ton of options for shallow mount subwoofers out there. The 8" are all about the same depth. The problem you will likely run into is one of sensitivity. A lot of them are in the 79-82db range. No worries if you have some power to throw at them, but most of them are not going to offer a lot of Xmax, either, so...

    This is one of the better options available. Good long throw, good T/S parameters for what you are looking to do. Will likely play really well from 60Hz and up. Let the Aura handle the bottom octave or two.

    The Earthquake advertises 23mm Xmax "measured in one direction". I call bullshit, but that is the skeptic in me. In any event, it is likely a much longer throw than anything else out there in this niche. Should let you have the mechanical overhead if you decide to experiment with playing the underseats a little lower. 

    Is the car a Beemer? The Earthquake is probably a drop in if so. 

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  • The SWS8 is very common for use, but was thinking the fidelity wouldn't be on par with the options I was shooting for, or is that range of 60/80-250/350 not of much concern and should just stick with what works?  There are some other drop in options that if this is the case and will save time and aren't ridiculous on the budget I'll go with, work smarter not harder.....

  • Sorry JR, yeah, 2007 335i....
  • Not sure if it'll do sub work, but the dynaudio 8's from the Volvo sound killer my door location. Pretty shallow mount, too.

  • 6th, I need them to cross at 60-80 and go up to about 250 +/- 50..... do you have a model number?
  • Have you looked at the Silver Flutes. I know they used to be the over-performing budget option for some custom installers. I have a pair in my doors and don't have the urge to upgrade any time soon. Surprisingly good mid-bass for so little money. It depends on where you are crossing, but maybe not enough x-max or thermal fortitude if you plan on cranking it to 11.
  • Shoot, I forget to look for the model number last night, I look tonight. eBay search: Volvo Dynaudio speakers. Look for 8" door/ rear deck drivers.
  • Thanks 6th!  Any info, specifically depth on these?  May be a viable option!  
  • Sure, I'll get some measurements tonight
  • 3" depth. I have a bad one with VC rub I could send you if you want to scope things out.
  • 6th, 3” may be perfect.  That is an awesome offer!  Let me know what you need to make it happen.  Hampton, va 23666.  
  • Dig, shoot me your Addy and I'll get it out to ya
  • 6th!  received!  thank you!!  I will be in touch on if I can make them work or not and seal the deal. :+1:
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