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Home theater projector

   Sat down to watch a movie last night and the old Sanyo xr30x refused to light.  Better not lighting than exploding I guess.  Looks like we're in the market for a new projector.  Where can I find a good resource for separating the wheat form the chaff? 



  • First price I seen for a bulb was $180.  I'd guess this projector is getting close to 8 or more years old so the thing isn't really worth the price of a bulb.  Searching my way around projector central as time permits. 
  • Stayed on the cheap side and ordered an Optoma hd143x for $449 shipped.  Ordered it off ebay Monday night, got it today with the mail.   
  • I knew the Optoma had a shorter throw distance than the old projector but no problem, order a larger screen.  Much easier than moving all the mounts and wiring.  Not a lot of choices for a 120"diag. 16:9 screens that either retract  manually or electrically.  Anyhow, ordered one for $115 off ebay w/free shipping.  The seller sends a message that it is too long and they want "300" more to ship it. 

    Can a seller change the deal after it's bee done?                
  • I'm pretty sure you can cancel that order. Create a complaint with eBay stating what's going on and they'll take care of it. Unless it's stated about the shipping, then it false advertising.
  • I want the screen but not for $115 plus shipping $300.   
  • I'm sure (as a seller often) that the seller can't change the arrangement after a purchase. That means they have to send you the screen with free shipping or not fulfill their end of the deal and you do a complaint and negative feedback.

    I bet that Optoma is nice. When I got rid of my last BenQ I got an Optoma GT1080darbee short throw. Great projector, I'm loving it. Rarely use the 3d though, because I have a 0.8 gain wall and it doesn't throw enough light to do shutter 3D justice (IMO).
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  • It's cheaper than a big screen tv, the screen rolls up out of the way, and the pj is ceiling mounted so it takes up no floor space.  High AWA acceptance factor unlike most all my other projects. 

    Other than that, it's a sub $500 projector so I'm sure it has a lot of shortcomings compared to the good stuff.  It should be worlds better than the 10 year old Sharp xr30x that it's replacing though.     

    Found a 120" Draper for $200 from a reputable business.  Guess I'll see what happens at fleabay first.   
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