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c-note speaker kit.

Wanted to put together a simple kit with my youngest so I bought a pair. Other than the .2uf cap mod any other suggestions for improvements?


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    There's a long discussion thread on Parts Express Tech Talk from 2017 about these and other kits

    I don't own these so I can't comment but perhaps the thread might be useful. I think the only mod suggested was the 0.22 cap on the woofer inductor. I thought about ordering a pair as they were cheaper to buy and ship from the US than buying the parts here!


  • The last few posts in the C-Note thread show a rise at ~7k that one recent builder measured on multiple samples. It looks like something changed in the build of that tweeter. Maybe a different supplier for one of the materials or they changed build houses to save a few pennies per unit. I know PE has had some issues with QC on a few other tweeter models - documented here with the RST28. I have 3 ND28Fs here and only one, purchased 4 years ago, matches the spec sheet. At least this issue with ND25FW seems to be consistent.

  • I was unaware of the 7k issue when I made the purchase. Looks like I will need to do some measurements when I'm done.I have a friend that has an older set of C-notes, I might need to borrow those to confirm the difference.
    I have been avoiding Dayton product for a while as these types of QC issues make me doubt the quality.

  • Testing at ASR shows some excess energy from 700Hz - 2.5kHz, for the most part knocking out a peak at 700-800Hz would be my first goal in any modification to this speaker.

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  • Put some car audio sound deadener on the steel frame of the woofer - it does make a difference.

  • @squamishdroc said:
    Put some car audio sound deadener on the steel frame of the woofer - it does make a difference.

    Bet this might help on a lot of those cheesy light stamped steel frame woofers.

  • The DA/DA/SD drivers use the shittiest frames imaginable.

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  • @jr@mac said:
    The DA/DA/SD drivers use the shittiest frames imaginable.

    Yes, good drivers but suky frames. Would it cost that much more to put them in a decent basket?

  • Check out ampslabs for a rework of the tweeter network and final response.

  • That tweeter can sound slightly better than "OK", but it takes some work and not sure it is worth it. The waveguide creates boost right at the knee of the tweeter response, and due to the lack of rear chamber, it is a_ very_ high Q boost. It does not smooth off with a typical network. Bypassing the peak by crossing higher yields other issues related to directivity etc.

    Basically, in three separate designs I have decided the novelty of a horn tweeter for under $20 is not worth the work to get it to sound a little better than "OK".

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  • JR, it seems others feel the same way. Michaels web site has a similar review of the tweeter. rstillen Thanks for the heads up.

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