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Von schweikert audio endeavor e-5

Name the drivers in this $35,000.00 pair of speakers.


  • Hint , I believe they are available in the diy market.
  • I could DIY that speaker for only $29,999. Those are way overpriced. :)
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • RS180s, HiVi L6, Scan Beryllium. But the rear facing ribbon?
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • The L6 is the most surprising part to me. I've used it, and it's pretty nice for the price, but it wasn't the most amazing thing I've heard for midrange performance, easily outperformed by higher end drivers.

    That, and the frame is specifically designed for use with a trim ring, even though it doesn't look completely ugly without it, you'd think for your money you'd ad least get a nice milled ring around them like the Swan speakers that use this driver.
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Scan Be makes sense, the RS 180 makes good bass, and 4 of them would have reduced distortion, why the L6??? Don't suppose it's a budget mid-range champ?
  • A budget champ for sure - like it's the king of cheap speakers, but we are not looking at a cheap speaker. It should have Revelator, Illuminator, Morel Supreme, Satori, Motus, Excel, Esoteric, heck even Peerless Exclusive 830883 is a better option by a mile. That and being a dedicated midrange, it makes more sense to use a smaller driver like 4-5".

    I guess they must know something I dont ;)

    Anyway, all said and done this speaker looks pretty boring to me. I would want bigger woofers myself as well as a better midrage. I'd like to compare it to JBL M2 for $15,000 less ;)

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • The new Revelator 18M would be a good mid, highish sensitivity and checks all boxes, the 8ohm exists but net yet avaialble here, so MTM is possible. 

    for bass, the esoteric for a thin baffle in a smallish enclosure would be good, but they are not sensitive enough. What would be some good alternate mid and bass choices, if we want to retain high sensitivity?
  • I've heard the TMWW, and it sounded good, but the L6? I agree with dcibel on its mid performance.
  • I made the same comment to Johnny at SD DIY when Chris's L6 speakers where playing.  Really nice bass, midrange not quite as good.  Not bad, just not great.
  •    The only time I heard a Von Schweikert (probably the original vr4) was at George Merrill's (sp?) Underground Sound after it had replaced Avalon Radian HC's in a full blown mit/spectral/Avalon 2c3d system (plus Merrill stable table).  If I'd heard the Von Schweikerts first ... well ... I didn't and the vr4's were a let-down.  They should have left the Avalons in the system.  IMO, they were in a different league.        
  • kennyk said:
    RS180s, HiVi L6, Scan Beryllium. But the rear facing ribbon?
    Rear facing ribbon is probably to build a slightly different soundstage to make this speaker distinct from other commercial offerings. It's not new or necessarily better.
    BTW, next week is NY Audio show. I think I'll go on Sat.
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