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This happened today.

2019 Sorento SX...

My first new car, ever. Bought a new one for Amanda in 2005, though. 
Has the HK audio which totally doesn't suck. Anyways, yay me.
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  • Dang, went Kia, ehh?
  • Drove one for the last three years, sooooo yeah :-)
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  • edited June 2019
    Beautiful car, well done! 

    Highest Ranked Mid-Sized SUV

  • that's a nice car, understated but very nicely appointed

  • I guess you with the ol' Chevy, sticks in my mind. I do like the way they look, getting a German (Audi) designer was the best thing that could have happened to them. The Stinger is pretty badass!
  • 6thplanet said:
    The Stinger is pretty badass!
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I drove a Stinger, realized it is more car than I could ever need. Damn. That is a serious machine.
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  • 6thplanet said:
    The Stinger is pretty badass!
    Just launched beer out my nose!
  • Congrats on the new ride! I like the factory red calipers. I know it does nothing but I always liked the look.
  • Looking good JR! If your new Kia is anything like our Santa Fe's, all you'll need in the next 10 years will be tires and maybe brake pads. You sure can't beat their warranty!!
  • Well , I mean its no 72 pickum up truck , but I suppose she will serve her purpose . JR leveled up
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