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Have any of you laid down tweed ? Im looking for pointers or what not not to do. This is a small project coming to completion  . 


  • post script , the cab is glued together at this point fwiw
  • 3M Super 77 is ideal for sticking fabric to things.
    The knot is tight on my blindfold
  • Noted , thanks DB 
  • 3M 77 is the shit , laid a layer down on the box and tweed then ran my hand over it to bond everything together. Worked great , thanks for the heads up on this stuff. 
  • That looks AWESOME!!!!!  Nice work Brother.
  • Looks good! I love the classic look of yellow tweed.

    FWIW I had issues with using Super 77 with Tolex. Tolex is a lot stiffer than any normal fabric, through it does have a fabric/felt backing. I had issues with seams curling up, the Super 77 just didn't have enough stick for it at the seam, which may or may not be a problem depending on the shape you're covering and how its assembled. Super 77 also doesn't ever dry, its just sticky stuff that will still be sticky a year from now. If you're using Tolex and will have a seam on the bottom or back side, I'd probably go with contact cement instead.
    The knot is tight on my blindfold
  • Best to use  3M 90 for the Tolex. Also use it for doing headliners, it's resistant to high heat.
  • Flawless, Nick! 
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Thanks guys , was worried how it would lay down being Being stiff and all. Was worried about those 90's 
  • Have any of you lacquered something like tweed or similar ? Is there an alternative to lacquer that can be used? I was thinking of putting a coating of something over the tweed. TIA
  • Up in the air with how this turned out , it does have that vintage look . Contacted my Russian brother for some ideas and also mr.googles . Went with minwax poly pecan for the coating. Two coats all in all . If I were to do this again I would go with the honey tint poly.
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