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dual opposed woofers?

dual 7" woofers, crossed over under 300Hz, can be crossed lower. Due to the size of the box, (tall bookshelf), can only place the TMW on the baffle and planning to set the second woofer on the back baffle, opposed to the front woofer. Would this cause any issue or anything in particular I need to watch out for?

The mid is capable of playing lower and the woofers are capable of playing much higher (works in TM too), so would like to take advantage of a wide passband and simple crossover between mid/tweet... 


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    along the lines of dual woofers, I was just reviewing M&K X series (X8 dual 8's)

    their white paper may be on interest
  • At low frequencies like that the waves will be long, so both front and rear driver should sum well. I don't imagine you'll have any issues.
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