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LD25X Finally Coming Back

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't seen it yet - we've finally got the LD25X where we want it and are getting started on an initial production run. We have 50 tweeters coming in as part of a test batch to validate their QC (we will be testing all 50) before we kick them off on a much larger order. We've opened it up for pre-orders at discounted pricing on our website. We've already sold out of our tier 1 but for our friends here, you can shoot us a message if you are interested and we can get you in at that pricing. 

In terms of measurements, we did comparisons between the old LD25X and our LD22 but don't have final standardized measurements. We sent the final sample back to the manufacturer to use as a reference and will post final measurements when the production models get here. Compared to the LD22, we have about 10 db lower 3rd order distortion above 2 kHz from the LD25X and similar compared to the old LD25X. The 4th and 5th order was  at our noise floor with the new tweeter above 2 kHz with the exception of a small blip at about 2.5 kHz. The new tweeter should be able to be crossed easily well below 2 kHz. Frequency response on the new tweeter matches the old very closely with maybe another 1 dB of output in the top end on the new due to the shorting ring.

The faceplate is going to be a matte anodized CNC aluminum. The faceplate isn't removeable but in the future we will be exploring an integral waveguide.



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