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Dayton PM220-8?

Does anyone have any experiences with the Dayton PM220-8?

Im looking for a high sensitivity, high quality / hifi, midbass. The Dayton ticks many boxes; low Le, super light mms (around 10g), and 95db on an eight ohm driver.

Numbers don’t say it all though.. is it a really nice driver or should I be looking at my other options like a Satori 7.5” (slight drop in sensitivity - 91 on the four ohm) or a B&C 8” pro woofer?

This is just planning for the future for a build with the Morel Supreme tweeters I was so fortunate to get at MWAF. I picked up a pair of AE TD6M mids from Charlie Laub that I want to use open baffle with them. The 8” midbass would be used sealed to get down to 90-100hz, to hand off to a 10” in a four way system.

The TD6M is also a very light weight mms, high sensitivity, low Le driver, so I’m looking for an 8” that can compare in quality to the AEs and Morels (without costing a fortune - $200 each tops).



  • I've got a pair sitting on the shelf, haven't used them yet though. I know Jeff B and Pete S spoke very highly of the PM180, having extraordinarily low distortion. I would make the same assumption of PM220, also 3rd party testing here:

    It's response gets a fairly hairy above 2kHz, but that's to be expected of any 8" driver. HD tests very low.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Thanks, I saw that article. I might just give it a try. The only major downsides are mediocre power handling and excursion limiting sealed F3 to a touch over 100hz.

    I like the thought of such a light cone for dynamics, etc, but worry the thin paper cone may sound like a thin paper cone as a mid bass. Any input thin cones as a midbass? 
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    I have two pairs of PM220s, but have only made a few unfinished demo speakers with them so far.  I'm listening to one of them right now, a full range 1.5 way in a 28 liter enclosure.  I like them enough to have started building the other side.  They are far more revealing and efficient compared to my other speakers.  I have only relatively lower cost drivers to compare them with, however.
    The mid bass is very clean sounding and detailed starting around 100 Hz or so, I listen to them in a sealed or open backed enclosure mostly.  Pianos, Cellos, and Kettle Drums sound really nice to me.
  • Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!
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