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  • While I normally buck the trend of complaining that all things new represent a decline, in the case of modern pop country - it is shit. One need only listen to Florida Georgia Line or Eric Church for confirmation. Hell, that modern sound is identical in many ways to pop music, including the vocal stylings.

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  • I'm by no means a country connoisseur, but, is that even country? 
  • Well, most modern pop is rubbish, and this video is an attempt to explain why:


  • yeah, this is kinda shit.
    Fits the same bill.

  • Florida Georgia Line - what a joke! They can't even really sing - just like many of today's manufactured "artists". Kenney Chesney regularly performs on awards shows - and proves you don't really need to sing on pitch to make it big these days. My wife drug me to a FGL show a few years ago. The FOH guy forgot to switch off the pitch correction as they were talking between songs - priceless! My friend Mark was the tour manager for one of the opening acts that night. He just laughed and said that's about par for course with many newer Country acts these days.
  • I like plenty of folk music and the "old country", but I'm sorry so say I can be bothered to hit the play button on any of the videos posted here. 

    Now here's a country song we can all enjoy ;)

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  • I recommend clicking on the 'Why Modern Pop Music is Rubbish', it's not yet another awful alleged 'song', but a nice 20 minute discussion of the dull writing and musical value, compression, limiting etc. which blight modern pop and presumably other genres too.  For example, I didn't know that most of today's Top 20 is written by the same four people.  If those people were Lennon/McCartney, Lucinda Williams, Dylan, and Elvis Costello, that would be another matter - but unfortunately this is not the case.


  • Who's Top 20? Not mine. What is pop? I thought it was music that is popular. Maybe popular with children, not anyone I know... I remember when indie meant independent artist, it wasn't a genre of music. Those were the days!

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
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