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Using WT3 for the first time....

Hey guys, been missing this stuff and finally looking like there is light at the end of the tunnel with other priorities finally.

I believe it was Eric or Don (sorry, forgetting!) shot me a WT3 and I've started messing with it.  I feel I've followed all the guidelines correctly, but I keep getting very inconsistent measurements.  Is this normal?  Anything outside of the given instructions I can do to improve results?  I know it's an older piece of equipment but figured it would get me in the ball park.

Thanks for any help!


  • It's prolly the one I sent ya, somebody sent it to me, so I don't know if anything was wrong with it to begin with.
  • For me, WT3 was always buggy.  I kept getting garbage screens, reloading and rebooting, then I would get a good looking impedance curve.   Frustrating.    I finally gave up and bought DATS V2, which seems to be working very well for me so far. 
  • Thanks guys.  Yeah, I don't even get a curve, I get V-fib. :D

    Well, maybe I'll just have to invest in one soon.  I have a lot of drivers sitting around that haven't been used in a great deal of projects, and need to learn how to start designing.....
  • If I remember correctly , I sent that to 6thplanet . I bought that at Iowa DIY some years ago. I had the same issues with it. I did get decent results using it with DATS software FWIW. It worked just not that great. 
  • You know, I've been hearing about weird, unfixable problems for years, first with the "WT" line, and now with DATS. Despite the totally cool output from those apps, using LIMP (free!) has never failed me. That's what I advise.
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  • I still use the old S&L WT2. It's never had an issue either.
  • Hate being the outlier. Maybe with different software, as 4th said.  Is that open for download somewhere or need to be purchased?
  • Per the below link, all WT3 and DATS V1 users can upgrade to V2 by downloading the DATS V2 installer:

  • I had a wonky WT3 that drove me nuts, but my DATS has been rock solid since day one. I do have an S&L WT2 with CD sitting on the shelf that I'd let go for $25 if you're interested. I could bring it  to the Iowa DIY if you're coming.
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