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2 quick questions

1 - When I try to upload a picture I'm getting a message saying the file format is not allowed. I'm using jpegs scaled down to 800 pixels wide, file size is just under 100 megs. I've posted larger photos in the past. Do they need to be smaller than that?

2 - Where can find the draft of a post I saved? 



  • Found the Drafts folder - one down, one to go!
  • Found that .png files work just fine.
  • You must mean 100K (not 100 meg).   I scale my jpegs down to 1024 pixels wide with a file size of about 150K to 300K or so.   Even files as big as 1 meg seem to work ok, but they take a little extra time to drag and drop.  I have only done this size a couple of times.  I have always saved to the .jpg extension and have been able to drag and drop with no problem.   Seems odd that you should have to use the .png extension to get it to work.
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